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Cryptids are animals that have been a complete mystery and are unknown to the public. Cryptids such as the Yeti and Bigfoot have been searched down for almost a long time.

In a new era of the internet, new cryptids have been recently been apperaning, but not in our world of the plane, but rather throught something called Metafiction where they could influence others into knowing they're existence. Some come in different forms such as Text Documents or even through simple photos. The local Government calls these InfoHazards.

If you don't already know, a new crpyid has been found on mount everest, if you wanna check it out you can go into the sightings page and art to see what it looks like!!!

(UPDATE) as of January of 2012, I have decided to make a vacation Himalaya to go and see the creature for myself. I'm going to prove this thing actually exists and get a glmipse at it.